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Anatolian Houses

Cave Hotel Experience in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, which has been home to many civilizations for thousands of years, is an unique region thanks to its history and culture. It's not just about Cappadocia’s geography. Ancient civilisations built underground cities and lived there. Transportation between these cities was also done with underground tunnels. Today, 36 underground cities were discovered in Cappadocia, while the total number is estimated to be around 200. Anatolian Houses is one of the first cave hotel and has been built and designed according to those very same underground cities.


Underground cities : a refuge for ancient civilisations


Since thousands of years, ancient  civilizations living in Cappadocia have been subjected to many attacks and raids and therefore have built shelters and secret passageways in every village, under each house, in case of enemy assault. Underground cities where equipped with food stocks, water wells, chimneys to provide air conditioning, and even toilets and places of worship to insure shelter for thousands of people. They could stay underground for several years thanks to a very organized way of life. Several hotels like Anatolian Houses are located near these attractions in order for their guests to start their visits without wasting time. The geological structure of Cappadocia is very convenient for building underground cities and the historical structures you will discover are spreading under all the villages of the region. Such extensive underground network can only be found in Cappadocia as underground cities were carved directly the in the volcanic rock. The technology used for that time is so advanced that some people wonder if aliens made them.




The past of the underground cities and tunnels of Cappadocia is caracterized by the ancient civilisations which inhabited the region. The first written source is written by Xenephon, known as Anabasis. He was a greek historian and took part in an expedition against the persian king Artakserkses. The author wrote that during the expedition, the greek army was tired and took refuge in the underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. The Hittite civilisation also inhabited those cities more than 2000 years ago.


Cave Hotel Preference : Anatolian Houses Hotel


Live history at Anatolian Houses hotel by staying in our cave suites which were restored and preserved to their original structures. You can go to the hotel's spa, restaurant or inside pool by using underground tunnels.

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